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Selective Sourcing

Quality products start at the source

We’re picky about what goes into our products. That’s why we’ve spent decades carefully building relationships with the suppliers and farmers who provide our essential oils and ingredients. Like you, we care about how our products are made—and we’re just as proud of what’s in our products as what’s not in them.

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Ensuring high-quality products

Our selective Sourcing pillar helps ensure high-quality essential oils and wellness products while encouraging thoughtful agricultural practices, careful ingredient selection, and transparent labeling. Young Living sources products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms that share our values, and Seed to Seal-verified suppliers who can meet our extremely high standards for quality.

Cultivating excellence

Young Living’s corporate farms are where we showcase our company values. Here, our Customers and Brand Partners and the public get to see us growing superior aromatic plants, distilling premium essential oils, and performing industry-leading testing and research. Our partner farms are like-minded suppliers that help provide the high-quality products our members love. These locations are independently owned, but our relationships are so deeply entwined that they are part of the Young Living family.

Our partner farms often work with Young Living on long-term goals, and we spend years fortifying our relationships, offering extensive resources to make sure their practices align with ours. Premium aromatic plants start with strong, established relationships. Our teams carefully select suppliers, developing relationships over decades, which all started with Founder D. Gary Young’s tireless hunt for superior producers around the world.

And though these suppliers are carefully vetted, our policy, of course, is to verify. Each batch of oils is subject to an extensive battery of tests and ongoing audits. Our Seed to Seal-verified suppliers embrace our philosophy and help maintain our strict quality specifications. However, if our Science and Quality Assurance teams find that a supplier’s product does not meet our demanding standards, then we will not use it.

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Our farmers go beyond

Our farmers are experts in their field who know what it takes to deliver the highest-quality products while constantly innovating to reduce our environmental impact. From nourishing the soil with the right nutrients to harvesting plants at the perfect time, they approach farming from every angle.

There’s more to our Seed to Seal® quality commitment

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Innovative Science

As mavericks of the modern-day essential oils movement, we’ve revolutionized the world of essential oils, investing countless hours and resources in product development, research, and testing.

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Pioneering Standards

From the start, we’ve been developing, enhancing, and living by the strictest standards, so you know you’re getting the finest essential oil products in the world.

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