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A healthier world for us all

As guardians of people and the earth, we’re committed to helping our world thrive for generations to come. Your support empowers us to make a lasting impact through The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation; supply chain integrity; and responsible farming practices.

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Be a partner with nature

When we take care of nature, it takes care of us. We strive to cultivate responsibly on our farms and give back to the earth through conservation projects around the world.

The virtuous cycle

Our Seed to Seal® guardian, Nicolas Landel, champions the idea that sourcing essential oils like Palo Santo, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™, Black Spruce, and Hong Kaui from farms that invest in reforestation or use naturally fallen wood to produce oils leads to healthier forests. Healthy forests, in turn, create a healthier environment for everyone.

Caring for our water and soil

Whether it’s designing a unique water-circulation system that saves 260 million gallons of water per year, reusing floral water for dust control on our St. Maries farm, or practicing no-till farming at our Highland Flats Tree Farm, we’re committed to finding ways to use nature’s resources more efficiently.

A hub for education and connection

We turn agricultural tourism into agricultural education, fostering meaningful connections with nature. From Monarch butterfly waystations at our Mt. Nebo Botanical Farm to migratory wildlife corridors on our Skyrider Wilderness Ranch, our farms are places where you can connect with the beauty and diversity of our planet.

Humanity’s crucial intersection

The benefits of this approach extend to humanity, as we all breathe air, drink water, and rely on pollinators for food. By partnering with nature through reforestation projects, butterfly waystations, and other efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we can support a healthier future for generations to come.

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Make a difference

The Young Living Foundation is our way of showing our commitment to helping families and communities worldwide. Inspired by one man’s mission to give back, the Young Living Foundation continues to grow as we look to nurture potential, rescue the harmed, and protect the earth.

There’s more to our Seed to Seal® quality commitment

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Selective Sourcing

Young Living sources products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms that share our values, and Seed to Seal-verified suppliers who can meet our extremely high standards for quality.

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Innovative Science

As mavericks of the modern-day essential oils movement, we’ve revolutionized the world of essential oils, investing countless hours and resources in product development, research, and testing.

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Pioneering Standards

From the start, we’ve been developing, enhancing, and living by the strictest standards, so you know you’re getting the finest essential oil products in the world.

Let’s grow

Explore the best products in the world and continue your journey to a happy, healthy home.

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